What does it take to commit to ESG?

If you want to go fast, go alone.

Despite great hope in the early days of legalization, I’ve seen little in the way of meaningful progress towards long-term ESG adoption. Although companies are attempting to incorporate ESG into their business, these conversations are often siloed to specific people or departments within the company.

If you want to go far, go together

ESG is especially challenging to implement because these practices rely heavily on the health of the corporate structure.

There are things you can do today, and seeds to plant for tomorrow that will help you move closer to your goals.

“Fortunately, research in behavioural science offers us tools and tactics for making the most of our human condition. In the case of the cannabis industry tackling ESG issues, there are three principles that can reinforce both immediate action and long term commitment: implementation intentions, peer-to-peer support, and psychological safety.”

Working together with your peers in a safe space in which mistakes can be learned from is the key to authentically actioning ESG. Together, you can define what steps are meaningful to you, and establish intention on how to achieve your goals.





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